Health Tourism

Providing all kinds of medical assistance, care, examination, health and physician services to patients who want to be treated in Turkey in quality registered private hospitals, university hospitals and city hospitals. Providing remote health services with digital technologies. Following up with the patients with specialist physicians and other healthcare personnel, both in site and remotely providing complete healthcare services.

Providing quality health care services in oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, hemodialysis and medical rehabilitation, orthopedics, organ transplantation, eye, oral and dental health, aesthetics and all other branches with the most advanced technologies and specialist physicians.

Transporting international patients using vehicles such as ambulances, helicopters and airplanes.

Translation, accompaniment, guidance, accommodation, transfer and all kinds of quality tourism services.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products Supply
Supply of all kinds of medical devices and spare parts, laboratory materials, orthopedic instruments and materials, x-ray instruments and materials, surgical, radiology and nuclear medicine materials, sterile materials needed by hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, laboratories and doctor's offices and health institutions.
Managing logistics and the supply of all kinds of medical devices, imaging systems, diagnostic kits, medical consumable.,

Wholesale supply, shipment chain management and logistics of all kinds of medicines, vaccines, serum and medical supplies,

SHR Services and Educatıon In Health
Organizing training programs for doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel.

Providing education and student placement consultancy at quality and well-established universities that provide health education.

To provide trained doctors, nurses and health management human resources management, supply and consultancy services to health facilities.

Health Investments
Making investments in health, preparing architectural designs and plans, carrying out their construction and providing consultancy services on these matters.

Creating health information systems, software and management and providing consultancy services.

Providing remote online health and guidance services to international patients within the scope of health tourism.

Investment and operation planning and operation of all kinds of health facilities and medical devices.

Health Insurance
Providing insurance services such as health insurance and travel insurance for patients.

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